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Join Me For a Reading Challenge!

The past few months have been abnormally busy for me, so I haven’t been reading as much as I’d like. I went from reading 9-10 books a month to 3-4 if I’m lucky. With that said, I have a proposition.

Join me for a read-a-thon.

If you’ve never participated in (or heard of) a read-a-thon, it’s basically a week where you read as much as you possibly can, with optional challenges to make it more fun 🙂

This Page by Page read-a-thon will take place the week of October 27th, from the 27th to November 3rd.

The thing about read-a-thons is, you set your own pace. There’s no pressure to read a certain number of pages or books—this week is all about YOU and getting back to your love of books. This week is supposed to be fun.

With that said, I do have a few optional challenges that I’m going to be trying out, and it’d be awesome if you joined me!

Challenge 1: Read at least 1,400 pages by the end of the week. That’s an average of 200 pages a day. With my average reading pace, that’ll be just under 3 hours of reading a day, and if I space it out, I think it’s quite doable!

Challenge 2: Read a book that’s been sitting on my shelf—unread—the longest. It’s time to finish that thing already!

Challenge 3: Read a genre out of your comfort zone. It’s no secret I adore Young Adult fiction. I do dabble here and there in other genres, but I want to reach out and read something I never would have considered otherwise!

Challenge 4: Reread a book you love. There are so many books on my shelves that brought me immeasurable joy the first time around, and I’m ashamed that I don’t reread more often. (I’m really excited for this one.)

Challenge 5: Read a book over 500 pages.

Challenge 6: Post updates every day, and check in with everyone who is participating.

I’m super excited about this read-a-thon, and I hope you’ll join in on the fun, even if you can only read a book or two. Leave me comments to let me know how you’re doing, what you’re reading, and if you’re attempting any of my challenges throughout the week. I think the more people who participate, the more fun it will be. We can all read through this week together.

I’ll post a few reminders as we get closer to the read-a-thon.

Mark your calendars! October 27th—November 3rd. You and I have a reading date!

Let me know if you think you’ll participate 🙂



Hello! My name is Katie and I like to write. If I'm not writing, I'm probably reading, running, playing with my dogs, or eating peanut butter ;)

5 thoughts on “Join Me For a Reading Challenge!

  1. Good idea, but I don’t think I’ll be able to join. Not that I won’t try to read more, but your goals are a bit too high. I’m a bit too ADD to read that many books in a month. I’d have to stretch that many books over a year instead of a month. Good luck!


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