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NaNo day 3: Plot Soup

Current Word Count: 9,044

A common problem I face when writing a story with barely any notes or outline (or none at all) is I figure out the plot as I go along. This year I had a pretty solid grasp on the story I wanted to write. At least, I thought I did. I was writing a scene today, and bam. It hit me. You could call it an epiphany. Or my brain’s neurotic tendency to dispose of structure for the sake of spontaneity. Whatever the reason, I’ve decided my story will be taking an entirely different path than I originally thought. Luckily this happened this early on, because now I only have about 30 pages of set-up to go back and fix instead of 100, but still, it threw me for a bit of a loop.

Since it is NaNoWriMo, instead of obsessing over making what I already have coherent to fit my new plot, I pulled out a notepad, jotted down the new direction of the story and the pieces I would have to go back and fix later. For now, I’m just going to pretend the beginning makes sense and keep writing without looking back.

I’m looking forward to December when I go back and read through the whole draft and it’s just a garbled mess of plot soup.

This is one of my favorite parts about NaNo, honestly. Writing a rough draft is like splatter painting the story. I get all of the ideas onto paper (no matter how messy or crazy) and usually surprise myself with what comes out of it.

I’m just hoping to keep the epiphanies to a minimum this month. I don’t know how many more abrupt turn-arounds my plot can take before the soup becomes an unsalvageable abyss. 🙂

How’s NaNo going for you? Has your plot or character taken on a mind of its own yet?



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