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Recommending My Favorite Writing Resources and Blogs

I love reading other blogs, specifically ones in the general “writing” category. This is both a very good and a very bad thing. Good because there are some really great blogs out there with helpful tips and important information…Bad because I have the tendency to waste time procrastinate spend a great deal of time reading them instead of working on my own WIP.

Today I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite writing resources from both authors and literary agents that contain countless helpful articles about the craft of writing, the publishing business, and various other topics you can use to procrastinate improve your craft.

Written by author K.M. Weiland and probably one of the first writing blogs I ever stumbled upon. There is so much good content on this site. It’s really worth your time to dig through her archives.

Written by Chuck Wendig, and I’m sure plenty of you are already familiar with this blog. Not only is there really useful information, but he’s also hilarious 🙂

Written by literary agent Natalie M. Lakosil with all kinds of helpful tips from both a writer and an agent’s point of view.

Written by literary agent Kristin Nelson and one of my personal favorites. Seriously. I’ve been stalking this blog for years.

I’m sure many of you are also familiar with Nathan Bransford’s blog, but if not, go check it out. Right now. Seriously, stop reading this post and go.

This blog by author Janice Hardy is probably the best as far as content on the actual craft of writing goes. Seriously. She has over a thousand posts on writing. You can spend hours digging through her archives and it’s definitely worth your time.

Above are six I frequently visit, but there are so many more! If you have any other favorites, feel free to drop them in a comment below!