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Food For Thought Friday: Kindness

In high school, my teacher had us do an exercise where the class stood in a circle and someone held a ball of string. The person would say what they value then toss the string to someone else, who would toss the string to the next person and so on until the entire class was bound by this web of strings in the middle. The point was to see how our similar values connect us and everything.

I started thinking about that today, wondering what do I really value? I think back during that exercise I said something like “I value happiness and laughter.” But if asked the same question today, I think my answer would be different.

My experience as a waitress is probably to blame for this—one rude customer can ruin your whole day—but I truly value kindness, which is unfortunately underrated in today’s society.

When you have a job that deals with the public, you learn things about people. You learn how rare genuinely kind people are, and how awful rude people are to deal with.

So this Friday I thought I’d leave you with this: exude kindness even if others haven’t offered you the same courtesy. You never know how your kind words or smile will help brighten another person’s day (as cheesy as that sounds).

There’s no reason for us not to be kind to one another.

I know this isn’t writing related, but thought I’d give you some food for thought 😉

What do you value?



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6 thoughts on “Food For Thought Friday: Kindness

  1. That’s such a nice thing that your teacher did! I wish my teachers in high school had done something like that. I completely agree with you on kindness. I previously worked at Starbucks and can’t tell you how more often than not customers we’re really rude. I even had one lady call me stupid to my face when I explained to her nicely how we we’re not allowed per policy to do something she had asked and that if I could I would but I couldn’t. There we’re some very nice customers who always came in that made the job worthwhile though and it made me appreciate kindness and kind people in general. There definitely isn’t a reason not to be kind to others. I always try to take that saying they taught in elementary school “Treat others how you want to be treated.” to heart.

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  2. I think I value the Golden Rule. You can never tell what the other guy is going through. I use The Golden Rule to conduct 99% of my actions. If I always treat everyone the way I would prefer to be treated, maybe I’ll get some of it back. At the very least, I can sleep at night. And no, I’m not what anyone would consider a religious person. It’s all anchored solidly in logic.


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