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Booktube Newbie TAG


I did the Booktube Newbie Tag!

Woot woot!

Click here to watch! 🙂

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STORYTIME: The Tale of Lunging Liam: a Tinder Date


I thought I’d do something a little different today and share a funny story with you guys! SO. I went on a Tinder date, and it was so bad and weird that it’s a story I HAVE to tell.

Hope you guys enjoy 🙂

Click here to watch me recount the experience! 

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How to Write a Book: a Parody

Hello, hello. Welcome. Today we are going to be discussing the process of writing a book.

Let’s start, shall we?


Phase 1: Okay. Okay. I got this. *cracks neck, fingers, etc*

This is so EASY. Why doesn’t everyone write a book? I’m already at 10,000 words suckers. I’ll have this baby done in a WEEK.

Phase 2: *Every time sits down at computer, shivers and leaves or stares blankly at screen*

Everything I’ve written so far is utter crap. Why did no one stop me from wasting all of those hours? Why didn’t anyone tell me that I can’t write??

Phase 3: *gritting teeth and typing while in intense pain* this is terrible. Literally every word I’m typing sounds terrible, but I’m just going to keep pushing through

Phase 4: *does everything but write* (oh, maybe I’ll get inspiration from reading, working out, tv…weeks pass…I’ve made no progress)

Phase 5: *cry in corner*

Phase 6: *epiphany* *writes furiously, can’t keep up with ideas fast enough* (mwahahahah this is brilliant I am so brilliant I am writer I knew I could write I knew this idea was fabulous I’m going to write ALL THE BOOKS)

Phase 7: This is bad


*realizes it’s a rough draft and must revise hella a lot*

“The Office stare” into the camera

It’s only just begun

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Half Bad by Sally Green | Spoiler Free Book Review

Snapshot 3 (6-15-2016 8-32 PM)

Back at it again with another book review. I have mixed feelings about this one. I also have a lot to say. SO. Click here to come chat with me!

ALSO. If you’ve read this book/the rest of the series PLEASE let me know what you thought about the next 2 books. I’m conflicted and unsure of whether or not I want to continue on with the series, so I’m super interested to know what you guys thought/if you think it’s worth it to continue reading.